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Junk and furniture removal by the experts


If it's been sitting around too long, you probably don't need it.

Free up all that space today

Never look at all that old junk again

It's easy to procrastinate getting rid of unwanted goods and let them sit around, take up space, and collect dust. You put it off because you're not sure how you're going to get rid of it all, but Gordon Disposal takes care of that problem for you.

Let us help you out of that junk bind.

If you just bought brand new furniture, you must do something with the old. Some people put it in their garage and let it sit there, but Gordon Disposal can pick it up and haul it off with ease. We can clean out any area of your house in order to help declutter or get you ready for a move.

Our everyday junk removal services

• Basement cleanouts

• Garage cleanouts

• Attic cleanouts

• Hot tub removal

• Mattress and couch removal

• Television removal

• Furniture and appliance removal

If you want to clean it out yourself, but don't know where to put it, we have the solution with our handy roll off containers.

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