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We Take Garbage for Less


Say so long to all that junk

When you have too much to handle in your home, call Gordon Disposal to

haul it all away.


Make room for new furniture by getting rid of the old.


Just place it in a container and we'll take it all away.

If you've just completed a major construciton project, call us to pick up the trash and scraps.


One more reason why you should

choose Gordon Disposal:


We just won the award for the

Best Garbage disposal of the year.

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Important Message from Gordon Disposal LLC Policy

  • Please make sure that all garbage are in bags & tied properly for it to be pick up. If not in bags, it will not be pick up.

  • Please make sure all garbage is out from the night before the scheduled pick up day so we can pick up on the timely manner.


       Thank you for your business. We really appreciate it.


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Areas Served and Scheduled Pick-up dates:

   South Williamsport, PA (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday)

   Williamsport, PA (Monday to Friday)

   Cogan Station, PA (Monday)

   Montoursville, PA (Tuesday)

                     Hughesville, PA (Tuesday)

                         Muncy, PA (Tuesday)

                  Montgomery, PA (Wednesday)

   Linden, PA (Friday)

   Jersey Shore, PA (Friday)

                                  Avis, PA (Friday)