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Get rid of all that garbage today

Regular trash pickups whenever you need it

Trash service you can trust

Weekly service for your home

The last thing you need in your home is unsanitary and unwanted trash. It can create odors and pests, as well as become embarrassing and unsightly. Pay a per-pickup or monthly fee to have your trash hauled away. You can even schedule emergency same-day pickups.

Going the extra mile to work for you

Did you forget to put your trash out the night before and are in a panic and rush in the morning? Drop those worries because if our pickup guys see your trash from the curb, we'll grab it for you so you don't have it sitting there all week.

The best trash pickup rates in town

• 30-35 gallons: $4 per pick-up or $16 per month

• 40-50 gallons: $5 per pick-up or $20 per month

• 60-64 gallons: $7 per pick up or $28 per month

• 90-96 gallons: $8 per pick-up or $32 per month


We offer all different size roll off containers for your junk removal needs.


Get $2 off your next monthly pickup when you refer a friend!



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Trashes outside the house

We only charge $1.00 for mileage, and we’ll save you even more money when you submit a referral!